GM Invests in Safer and Cleaner Modes of Transportation

The automotive industry is continuously evolving—and for the better. One example of this is GM's recent announcement to achieve "zero crashes, zero emissions, and zero congestion" by 2022. To reach this goal, the company has invested $11 billion in the research and development of future EV models.

The hope of such a commitment is to make transportation safer and cleaner, and while there are many challenges to address, GM is confident that it can complete this transition in the years to come. As a part of its strategy, it aims to divert resources to the study of renewable energies like rechargeable batteries and the production of more sustainable vehicles like the Chevrolet Bolt. Another integral component to meeting its goal is to improve pre-existing features like OnStar which already provides guidance for navigation and roadside assistance. To make this vision a reality, it will also partner with public utilities and other innovators.

Though the task at hand seems ambitious, GM has proved itself capable of pushing standards further time and again. That is why our team at Tapper Automotive is confident that the maker of our beloved vehicles will reach new heights yet again! No doubt, this will lead to more exciting news in the future for enthusiasts like you around Paw Paw, Michigan. So, we invite you to stay tuned and keep an eye on more updates to our blog. Otherwise, consider a visit to our dealership and try out the models available on our lot today.

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